top characteristics of great logo design

13th October 2022, by Daniela Coleman

Best branding symbols for great logo design

top characteristics of a great logo

The logo is the initial impression that most consumers will have of a company. Therefore, ensuring your logo depicts your company and strikes an emotional chord with your customers is essential. A logo's design process involves several steps, some of which may shift based on your specific requirements and the sector in which you operate. Despite these distinctions, all the finest logos feature the same top characteristics of great logo design. Here are some of them:

1.  logo simplicity

Keeping things simple is perhaps the most crucial aspect of logo design. Keep it basic when designing a logo so your customers can easily recognize and recall it. Creating what seems to be a straightforward logo may be deceptively complex. A brand's symbol is similar to its packaging or website design because customers don't pay too much attention to it. Whether you created your symbol using a grid or adjusted the kerning on the type is not something your customers will notice.

Then why is it important?? Well, these elements leave a lasting subconscious impression. A simple logo impacts consumers and affects their perception of your company. That exemplifies the significance of your logo's appearance. Furthermore, when you are designing a logo, it's essential to make sure it is legible in all sizes. You can achieve this by experimenting with different sizes. Try to keep it basic, but make sure it stands out.

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A great logo design is simple and memorable.

2.  an ideal logo form

Graphic design is all about getting your message out visually. Knowing your intended audience and what graphic elements would best convey your message is essential in logo design. The form of a logo, its imagery, the typography, and the sentiments they arouse all work together to create a holistic effect. There are trends you can follow to help you figure out what to do. You can also try making your versions of these components. It'll be a lot of extra work, but the results could be interesting.

To simplify matters, just remember that each form stands for a certain quality and ignore the technicalities of graphic design. It's essential to make sure the shape of your logo conveys the qualities you want people to know you for. For instance, a square with rounded edges is still secure, but it seems somewhat friendlier than a square with sharp corners. Consider the Apple logo, which is not a perfect circle. However, it still has many positive connotations associated with a loop due to its rounded corners and curves. The same can be said about the AMG logo with its looped characters and simple rounded form shown above.

3.  visually appealing logos

Create a logo that is both visually appealing and well done if you want people to have faith in your company. Create a legible and up-to-date logo in terms of design principles, and make sure it's aesthetically appealing, so people won't be able to take their eyes off it. Many companies have altered or rebranded business logos to better identify with their target audience.

Some companies' logos evolved in style, while others debuted brand-new designs. Take Shell, for example. Their original brand icon was probably OK for the time, but it now seems a little jagged and hand-drawn, giving off an amateurish vibe. However, the newest version appears sharp, clear, and beautiful on today's detail-enhancing digital displays.

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It will be easier for your customers to connect with your brand if your logo is viually appealing.

4.  branding design relevance

One characteristic all great logos have in common is a solid connection to the consumers they are trying to attract. In addition, they effectively convey the character and essence of a brand. The choice of color in your logo is crucial since it may evoke various feelings in the minds of your target audience and convey your brand's unique character. Toy manufacturers often choose vibrant colors because they represent vitality, playfulness, and excitement. The logo's or word mark's typeface is the second most significant element.

You can define your brand's personality much better by using appropriate fonts. Some fonts are better suited to communicating the essence and ethics of your business to potential customers. Sharper, thinner typefaces are great for drawing attention to a tech firm, whereas curvier, handwritten fonts are more fitting for a business specializing in accessories for women.

Finally, if you want your logo to be a reliable visual reference, you must choose the appropriate symbol. Symbols play a significant role in a design since they may stand in for the whole logo when needed. Connecting your brand's beliefs and values to your target audience is another important use of branding symbols.

A great logo design is simple and memorable

If your logo is distinctive, your entire brand will stand out from the crowd.

5.  a unique logo design

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition is with a truly unique logo. There's no use in having a logo if it looks like a thousand others in the same sector. Therefore it's essential to come up with something that stands out while also fitting in. Finding this sweet spot is one of the most challenging aspects of logo design. It is typically deciding between hiring a professional graphic designer or an amateur, purchasing stock logos, or crowdsourcing contests.

When a designer has a flash of inspiration and creates something unique, it might seem like a major roadblock has been removed and a new path has opened up. In addition to other features discussed in this article, a unique logo may set your business apart from its competitors. Creating a wordmark or symbol that is immediately recognizable is a challenging task, but the payoffs are substantial.


Those are the top characteristics of great logo design. With so many companies competing for consumer attention, your symbol or logotype must be unique and memorable. If your emblem is recognizable, it will likely create a positive association with your brand. That will go a long way toward making customers feel connected and loyal to your products and services. Therefore, it should be one of the first features you work on when developing a new product or service. Don't assume that your business logo and brand are the same. We can assure you they aren't.

Hope this article was helpful. Feel free to contact us if you want a new branding identity design for your business.

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