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All of the websites Web Design Auckland designs and develops are hosted on our reliable secure SSL web host servers in Auckland.  We host a website with daily backups online and in our Auckland studio, so there is no fear of loss of data. Our secure web hosting services include free SSL certificates which are updated annually, and our web sites are all tested to ensure any third party plugins are using a secure web host.

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what is SSL hosting ?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard technology for ensuring an internet connection is secure, so when sensitive data is sent from one system to another it is scrambled in transit and can't be intercepted by hackers reading and modifying information and personal details.

Web host a website with free SSL

Do you need SSL hosting to host a website?

Today's websites require more stringent security to protect you from hackers and to ensure that contact forms and booking forms are encrypted while in transit and all data sent between the web server and the browser remains private.  This secure encryption prevents your private information such as emails, phone numbers and credit cards from getting into the wrong hands.  The way to check whether your site is using SSL hosting is to see if the address bar at the top of your window uses a tiny closed padlock icon.  Clicking the padlock will show whether your connection is fully secure and whether your certificate is valid.

Another reason why using an encrypted server for your web hosting is so important is that Google won't rank your site in their search engine unless it is fully secure - using HTTPS with a valid SSL Secure Certificate is now essential.

can I have free ssl ?

A Free SSL Secure Certificate is now included in your hosting package, but if you want a ComodoSSL secure certificate that identifies you as the website owner, it will require a separate annual fee and you must have a dedicated IP Address.  Most small business websites will not require this more expensive option and will opt for cheaper shared SSL hosting which provides all the basic features and technical support.

what is https?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a more secure version of HTTP.  The 'S' indicates it is secure.

what is shared web hosting ?

A shared hosting service is much more affordable than other web hosting options, like dedicated server hosting with unique IP addresses. Almost all of our clients do not want the far more expensive dedicated hosting service option. The downside of shared hosting is when there is a lot of web traffic going through the server at the same time, which may result in slower loading speeds. We make sure however that all our website coding and images are optimised for speed, and that our servers are well maintained with updated PHP and MySQL.

our secure web hosting services include:

reliable web hosting - We guarantee 99.8% server uptime with daily backups.

affordable web host - You only pay for what you use. Shared web hosting starts from $120+GST p.a.

free phone & email support - If you need support we are here to help 7 days a week.

secure hosting set-up - We charge a one-off fee of $25+GST for setting up your SSL web hosting plan.

free ssl certificate - There is no charge for our ssl certificate which is always kept up to date as/when required.

secure email hosting - email hosting includes unlimited email addresses, spam & virus filters, 5GB storage & webmail.

domain name registration - We can register domain names for you. Domains usually start from $20+GST p.a.

free domain name research - We can research a search engine friendly domain to use for hosting your website which will help your online rank. There is no charge for our domain research service.

integrated web design services.

Creative integrated services will give your business that competitive edge with a unique logo design, custom web design, SEO optimisation, stunning photography and digital marketing.  We also host your website on our secure, affordable encrypted web host servers, which include anti spam filters, daily backups and SSL Certificates.
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