6 creative social media boosting tactics you need to try today

14 September 2022, by Laura Anderson

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How Social Media Tactics Boost Your Business

6 creative social media tactics

Social media has become an essential part of our lives, with over 3 billion users across various social media sites. From individuals to organizations, getting people to engage with your posts and gaining followers has become very important to users. Social media influencers are always looking to maximize the number of people who see their posts and interact with them to become as big as possible. Similarly, businesses also want the greatest number of followers and users engaging with their social media content has become a very popular way to digitally market businesses.

With the increasing importance of social media in digitally marketing a business, what must a business do to maximize the number of people that see their posts and improve their marketing?

Nowadays, all businesses hope to increase their presence on social media and increase their followers. You need to be creative with your approach and come up with ways in which you can differentiate yourself. Customers respond well to businesses that distinguish themselves positively from the competition.

1. Have different approaches to different social media sites

It is common for businesses to have social media accounts on various sites, but what a lot of them forget to do is change their approach. Marketing on Facebook will be much different from marketing on Tiktok.

Differentiating your marketing approaches depending on the platform will allow you to do more well on each social media platform. If managing many social media sites is a burden on your business, try to focus on the most popular ones like Facebook and Instagram. Also keep in mind the different sizes and social media design rules for posts and stories.

Social media creative content

2. Post fun creative content that will draw engagement

One of the most important things to remember when posting on social media is that your posts should be able to attract other users.

Posting creative content regularly will make more people interact with your content. For example, if you post something asking a question, many people might be willing to share their opinions and tag their friends. This will not only make people more interested in the rest of your content, but it will also bring in new followers from the people who might be tagged on your post.

3. Have giveaways

Who doesn't love getting stuff for free?

Occasional giveaways on your social media accounts might cost very little to you, but they can do a lot of good. Giveaways tend to bring in a lot of users, and everyone will be willing to engage in a post where they can win something. Giveaways on social media don't require much from the person entering the giveaway, so everyone is willing to participate. Many people also tend to get their friends and family involved by asking them to follow your account and enter the giveaway.

Social Media Giveaways and Design Rules.

4. Always respond to your customers

Many business accounts that gain a lot of followers don't respond to customer queries. This can send out a message to your followers that you may not have time for them. For larger businesses, it might be hard to engage regularly with all your customers as many people might reach out to you. In this case, you should let your customers know the easiest way to reach out to you on your social media.

5. Don't be afraid to use social boosting sites

You can find many services on the internet that can help grow your social media account. Platforms such as Tiktok prioritize accounts that get a lot of views, with those views being from people that watch the full video. There are online services that can help you grow your account safely and securely by providing you with social boosting services.

social media boosting sites

6. Be aware of recent events and causes

People nowadays are more likely to follow and buy from businesses that are very ethical and have an excellent public image. It is essential to engage in social causes and support these causes. The younger generation today is very good at telling if your concern is genuine; negative responses to this can harm your image.

Always try making content that engages with your audience concerning a cause and, at the same time, is respectful of all parties. Raising funds for a cause or offering support can do you a lot of good.

Businesses that have an excellent image need to maintain it. As a business, it is always important to stay true to your identity so people can relate to you.

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