Social media marketing: how it affects your website as a whole

09 July 2022, by Penny Dower Hunt

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Social media marketing to increase website traffic
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Social media has tremendous impact on our society and has affected everything, from making people famous to selling millions of dollars of art online. It has helped our community to grow together as a whole and has devised ways for people to earn their bread and butter. With the easy access to the internet and mobile phones, almost everyone can use social media and get themselves enlightened about the trends growing around.

Websites can advertise themselves on different social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, having billions of followers and helping them expand globally. Social media plays a vital role in ranking signal and traffic reach.

When a reader visits a website through a social media platform, it attracts more visibility. Social media enables SEO to have more impact and links the businesses directly to the customers, ultimately helping the website grow.

Social media and websites however are not directly related, but still, it significantly impacts website growth. This article explains how social media affects the website as a whole:

the quality & quantity of backlinks:

Best marketing tools to increase website growth

The growth of a website largely depends upon the number of backlinks used. A good number of quality backlinks means more significant traffic of visitors. Suppose your website has a good number of social shares and recommendations on various platforms. In that case, it might get noticed by bloggers, influencers and ultimately web admins such as GSV Studio, which link your website with themselves.

Thus, the growth of the website is primarily based upon the backlinks. Therefore, you must be vigilant about its use because it is one of the most crucial factors in the ranking of a website.

expand reach

Social Media and SEO expand website reach

Social media helps websites to reach out to people globally. It is because it has a tremendous reach in this era, thus making it possible for a post to reach out to billions in seconds. You can reach out to celebrities, bloggers, etc., through social media platforms, which ultimately help your content get publicly famous.

Such partnerships contribute to brand growth. Any post with good content and information can have a high reach and help enhance engagement. And gradually as the reach of the post increases, it gives positive results.

social media influence:

Social media influence for website ranking

Having social media profiles helps you reach your targeted audience and interact with them directly.

It allows the visitors to contact and share the website contents over different platforms, which ultimately helps the website grow because the recommendation people get over social media is tremendous compared to the existence of the website alone. It increases website awareness. And a more vital recognition will result in more people searching for the brand, ultimately increasing the website traffic.

Once a brand has built a good reputation in the market, the number of people searching for the website increases. As Google gives importance to the number of clicks on a website, a greater search for a website elevates the website's ranking as a whole.

build a strong social media following:

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A more significant following on social media helps the website and brand grow as a whole. It helps the visitors reach out to the website on platforms such as Instagram, sharing the content and ultimately helping the website grow globally.

So it is highly recommended that the websites have their social media pages and update them regularly to stay in touch with their customers, helping them grow eventually.

value in videos

Videos hold great importance in them. YouTube, a universally famous application with billions of traffic every second, is the best option for websites and brands to grow. A website can explain its motto in a single minute video, which can then be posted on YouTube and reach out to people worldwide, just a click away.

Search engines crawl the videos for search results, and the content visibility on YouTube indirectly helps drive traffic and ranking, helping the website grow as a whole.

Social media YouTube videos for website growth
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All in all, social media has a significant influence on the growth of websites and helps the viewers reach out for more content easily. There might be something a viewer is looking out for but couldn't remember at the moment; thus, sharing on social media might help them get what they want. In most instances, social media posts are so tempting that people are compelled to buy products.

Thus, social media allows websites to grow as a whole!

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