how to become an outstanding digital marketing professional in 2022

20 February 2022, by Penelope Dower Hunt

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digital marketing in 2022 social media strategy

According to Statista, marketing professionals and companies in the United States significantly increased their use of B2B martech tools in 2021. The IT stack implemented by marketing agents in the country is between five and 10 systems in 44 percent of marketing companies. Thirty percent of professionals in this field used between 11 and 20 tools to penetrate the various target audiences.

The world of marketing requires highly specific communication and business skills.  Persuasion is a fundamental soft skill that you must develop if you want to be a digital marketer with great expectations in the 2022 market.  Having an understanding of direct marketing campaigns for large companies is a challenge and one that, if mastered, will boost your career path.  In this article, we explain a series of tips to optimize your marketing services on a large scale and be an in-demand digital marketing professional.

Key tips if you want to be an excellent digital marketer

learn digital marketing fundamentals

The main characteristic of a good marketer is the specific and strategic domain of basic techniques in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM, analysis, marketing, and advertising in social networks and email marketing. You will position content to generate traffic from potential customers interested in your company's products or services with these skills. Additionally, take leadership and public speaking workshops to develop soft teamwork skills.

use digital marketing tools

Measuring market dynamics is essential for successful marketing campaigns. That's why you should invest in IT tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads.  Both tools will help you measure and track the performance of marketing campaigns and initiatives.  SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush also strengthen these digital strategies. The function of these platforms is to find keywords and backlinks to attract more users to the websites.

build a digital marketing portfolio

Demonstrate your added value as a professional.  Examine your credentials to ensure that you are an effective and suitable digital marketer for a big company.  Submit samples of previously published work, such as newsletters, social media posts, or content marketing articles. Indicate your role in each project. Explain how you created strategic plans, graphic designs, and ad-buying campaigns.

develop your digital marketing resume

Analyze each of your digital marketing experiences.  Explain the strategies you used to execute each process and the results obtained.  Tailor your resume to each job application.  Highlight in your resume the skills and experiences that a specific company requires as a prerequisite for a job offer.  Display your personality and creativity in accordance with the company's values.

network to make connections in marketing

Build a network of contacts that will allow you to advance in your digital marketing strategy.  Attend networking events for online and offline digital marketers to learn about new career opportunities in this exciting field.  Examine industry websites, such as MarketingTerms, that publish lists of virtual networking events dedicated to specializations in this industry.

Best social media strategy practices to boost your career

These are the best strategies to employ if you want to provide high-quality social media management. This way, you will improve your community manager or digital marketer functions. Take a look.

learn everything you can about your audience

Learn how to segment your audience as part of your marketing goals. Determine the demand for products and/or services based on the characteristics of each consumer group. You should consider factors such as age, location, what languages they speak, income, expenses, shopping preferences, leisure activities and work.

choose the social media networks to use

Determine which social network is best suited to your marketing objectives.  Statistics show that there are 1 billion Instagram users, 500 million of whom are active every day.  71 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 use this network, according to Hootsuite.

Facebook has more monthly active users than the population of any country (1.4 billion daily users and 2.13 billion per month). Users between the ages of 25 and 34 make up a large portion of US Facebook users.

white-hat link building

This method promotes traffic to a website by using SEO techniques, such as appropriate linking to other websites and relevant online content. To successfully develop white-hat link building, you must create unique and insightful content, insert backlinks on high-quality websites, and link placement on a wide variety of websites.


If you plan to reach a new level in your career as a digital marketer, invest time and financial resources in learning the techniques mentioned above. Focus on being a precise, effective, purposeful, and creative professional. These are the most valuable qualities that will make you an attractive digital marketing agent for large companies.

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