how inclusive responsive web design benefits your business

23 September 2022, by Pen Dower Hunt

Inclusive web design responsive web design auckland

the benefit of having a responsive web design that's accessible to all

Making a website design accessible to everyone is no easy task. And it requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and research. And might we add empathy to the mix? In 2022, designing with empathy is expected. Plus, it will uncover many other possibilities and maybe even spark some great ideas for new products. If you want to know how inclusive web design can benefit your business, stay with us for the rest of this article.

ways inclusive web design can benefit your business

"Design thinking" emphasizes understanding and caring about users' perspectives and problems while experimenting with and learning from prototypes. Many great companies employ this philosophical approach to design to create user-friendly and empathetic goods and services. Looking sideways and asking foolish questions is a key benefit of design thinking.

Users are often annoyed by lousy web design. These days, that's practically intolerable. So you'll want to try your best to improve your website in every way possible. Web Design Auckland is always here with the best advice and recommendations. If you have questions about web design, feel free to browse through our website or send us an e-mail.

Inclusive responsive web design benefits your business

Inclusivity is the best marketing tool at the moment.

1. broadened market reach and increased sales

When designing a product or service, it's essential to have a wide range of potential consumers in mind from the outset. This increases the product's appeal and the number of people who can use it. Imagine that a visually impaired woman has difficulty locating the various buttons on the breast pump's interface, causing her to regularly switch the device off in the middle of a pumping session. Not only may this quick conclusion make her angry, but it could also lead to an inefficient session, leading to subsequent breast soreness. So, it's likely that she will have a poor impression of the product because of her experience with it and decide to stop using it.

This extreme situation can potentially reduce sales if she decides to write a negative review.

Now even if you create a new breast pump with inclusive design principles in mind and do some digital marketing, there's still something missing. You have to put yourself in a visually impaired person's shoes and think about how they can go on your website and get the product in their online shopping cart. This is where a good web designer who knows their job and some inclusive design principles come in.

2. your employees will feel more excited and involved

Teams that emphasize inclusive design are more likely to feel like their efforts matter. And that increases the happiness and output of your web developer and web design team. Employees that work for a purpose are more loyal to their employers than those whose primary motivations are financial gain or personal success. Their web design services may also be better. They are also 47% more inclined to brag about their workplace. And that's something you should want as a business owner.

Inclusive responsive web design benefits your business

Both customers and employers will be happy with this update.
You don't need more proof of how inclusive web design can benefit your business.

3. website accessibility will improve the user experience

In general, site visitors like a layout that makes it easy for everyone to use. And as we are sure that you want to provide a quality user experience, here are some elements you may want to incorporate into your web design. Accessibility-improving elements for websites include the following:

High-contrast settings allow your users to view their smartphone screens even in bright sunshine.

Autocompleting suggestions speeds up text entering.

Voice control. It has grown into a whole new product category of smart speakers.

4. it will have a positive social impact (and people will notice)

One's level of engagement is affected by the environment, which includes both inanimate and human factors. As designers, we equip individuals to make positive changes in the world. Each time we do this, we open the door to a new possibility for connection with the world. The World Health Organization found that feeling alone negatively affects physical and mental health. Logitech has made gaming more inclusive by releasing the Adaptive Gaming Kit in 2019. The response was immediate and enthusiastic. The bundle has expanded access to video games and solidified Logitech's position as a market leader.

You could also use your improved web design as a social media boosting tactic and some self-promotion.

5. inclusive and responsive web design makes future maintenance and updates easier

Another significant advantage of inclusive and responsive design is that it may save time and money. Designing a responsive website that can be opened on all smart devices is quicker than establishing separate stand-alone websites for mobile viewing. And it will save you money in the long run in terms of development, support, and maintenance costs. The good news is that most website themes are responsive by default nowadays, which is generally considered the standard in website building.

Responsive web design - a mobile friendly website

Your website must be mobile-friendly as well.

Furthermore, Google has announced that websites that are not considered "mobile-friendly" would be demoted in its search results for anyone looking on mobile devices. You can check if your website is "mobile-friendly" according to Google, by going to Google's Mobile-Friendly Test page and entering your website URL.

You should now be able to tell how inclusive web design can benefit your business in so many ways. Step out of your shoes for a while and start thinking about how you can reach the audiences that don't use computers or have some degree of disability that may prevent them from staying on your website.

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