how embedding a video will increase website traffic

John Smiles, 7th March 2023


How video will increase your website traffic.

Embedding a video will increase your website traffic

If you are running a website, you should always strive to increase organic traffic. While there are many different strategies to accomplish this, today, we want to talk about the benefits of video content. You can use videos in many different ways, but the best approach is to embed them on your website. That is the best way to increase your website traffic.

Let us look at all the benefits of using video content on your website.

Videos improve user engagement

If we compare videos to text or image content, we can see that it is much more engaging and entertaining. This is what the users want. Let us say you have a 2000 word article on your blog. Readers might spend some time reading the article, but they will probably jump through a couple of sections to get to the good parts. If the article feels too long, they will probably just glance over it and close the page.

Uploading videos on YouTube can increase shareability.

Now, let's take that same article and turn it into a ten or twenty-minute video. If you embed the video on your website, you have a much higher chance of the visitor watching it to the end. Videos are simply more entertaining. And, if you have more videos, that same user will stay longer on your website and continue to come back for more. Quality website content is important for your online marketing strategy.

Videos increase shareability

Because people tend to watch videos more than reading articles or looking at images, they are also more likely to share videos. This is another very important detail. The entire goal of a content marketing strategy is to create shareable content that will engage users to share it with their friends and family. That way, you have website visitors helping you to gain more views and increase your website traffic.

How video website content can increase shareability.

And the best of all is that sharing videos also helps with your social media engagement. You are not just growing the traffic on your website but also gaining more followers on social media. That is a win-win situation.

Videos improve SEO

Since Google prioritizes videos over other types of content, embedding them on your website will boost your search engine ranking. This is a very important factor because SEO directly affects the influx of organic traffic to your website.

Videos may help you to get more backlinks

Because videos are such a popular type of content, they guarantee visibility and engagement. If you have a library of video content on your website, there are high chances that other websites will link to your content. This is an excellent opportunity to gain natural backlinks from relevant sources.

If that happens, you will suddenly have a lot more people visiting your website. You should definitely invest in a backlink strategy to increase your organic traffic.

Videos may help improve the credibility of your website

Let us say you are running an eCommerce website. You have an online shop for selling various products. To help users understand your products, you create video content that describes the product and its functionalities, and you embed it on the product catalogue page. Now the customers have an engaging way to learn more about the product before they make a purchase, which is excellent for gaining customer trust.

How website content increases your conversion rate.

Another scenario would be to ask your customers to record video reviews of products they bought and send them to you so you can embed them on the product catalog page. Make sure to reward those who do. By adding video reviews to your website, you will get more positive reviews of your business. For example, Google stars can boost traffic, and star reviews can be helpful because they help other people to understand what your business is all about.

Videos affect the conversion rate

If we look back to previous sections of the article, we can clearly see that videos:

● Improve SEO

● Help with the backlink strategy

● Help build customer trust

All of the above are prerequisites for converting leads into customers — higher rating guarantees more organic traffic. More backlinks guarantee relevant visits to your website. And customer trust is necessary if you wish to make a sale or have visitors perform an action on your website.

How to create quality videos

Now that you understand the benefits of embedding videos on your website let's look at how to create a video that will engage and captivate your viewers. This is an important step. If someone clicks on your video and finds it boring or irrelevant, there are high chances they will not give you a second chance.

To create quality video content, you first need to plan it out. Understand what message you want to convey, who your target audience is, and what kind of video is best for communicating the message.

Second, plan your script. Do not try to wing it while you are recording the video. This is not a good idea because it will affect the flow of the video.

A streaming video embedded on Marinelogix website.

Also, it is crucial to have good recording equipment. That could be a pricey investment, but it is an investment in your future. 

Once you are done recording the video, you need to edit and optimize it for your website. That is how you ensure that the video fits the purpose and that it will contribute to search engine optimization.

The final step would be to decide what to do with the video. You can post it on YouTube and then embed it on your website or directly embed the video on the website. If you already have an established base of customers, you may skip YouTube. However, if you are just starting, YouTube is a good idea to get more visibility. You can always add a link to the description of the video in case someone wants to watch it directly on your website. Make sure to reward them for that.

Increase your website traffic with these useful video tips

And there you have it. It just takes a little bit of effort to increase your website traffic by embedding videos. This is a very useful strategy with a high-efficiency rate, so make sure to use it to your benefit!

John Smiles, video content creation and marketing.

Author Bio: John Smiles is a seasoned marketing professional with over ten years of experience in content marketing and video content creation. As a passionate storyteller and creative strategist, John has helped numerous businesses to develop and execute successful content marketing strategies that leverage the power of video to drive engagement and conversions.

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