How to find the best web design company in NZ

How to find the best web design company for your business is hard to find.  You need to find a lot of web design companies in New Zealand.  A good place to start is with a Google Search in your location, so if you live in Auckland, try searching for 'custom web design auckland', or 'web design agency in auckland.  If hiring a web design company near you is not a criteria, then try searching for a company without specifying the location, e.g. custom web design.  Google will recognise that you are searching in New Zealand unless you have used an icognito online search.

why use custom web design?

A custom web design is a website that has been designed from scratch specifically for your business. The best web design companies will offer custom website design, so using the word 'custom' in an online search will narrow the field down from hundreds of web designers that may only offer pre-designed templates to those that offer all the bells and whistles.  Because the keyword 'web design' has billions of results in online search, it is best to include your city, for example, 'custom web design auckland', or custom website designers in auckland, etc.  Even the latter keyword phrase has close to a million search results, so check out the first 3 pages of search results in Google to find the best web design companies that seem to be the best fit for your business.

Finding best web design companies in NZ

how do you find the best web design company?

The first step in finding the best web design company is to work out your website requirements and to understand what you really need from a website for your business. Then create a detailed brief - a request for a proposal (rfp) to send to the selected web design companies.

Evaluate web designers based on the following factors:

their website design - Is it unique or does it look like a lot of other web design company websites? Is the design cluttered with too many words and confusing animation? Do you like the look of their web design and is it clean and easy to follow?

their web design portfolio - Do you like their websites? If they don't have a portfolio, or their website portfolio looks uninspiring and very similar to their other web designs - move on. Check the websites they have designed on your devices - mobile and desktop - the web design should adapt and look great on all devices. Ask the web design company to list some of the websites they have designed and built, and also ask for referees. Another factor to consider is whether their client websites are well ranked online for their chosen keywords.

their web design services - A web design company should offer search engine optimisation and search engine submission as standard for all their website designs. They should offer digital marketing and web content management in the form of website updates and/or a content management system (CMS), as well as secure web hosting and email management.  Other services should include branding, logo design, graphic design, printing, video, photography and web traffic Analytics.  Ongoing support after the website goes live is a given!

their web design reviews - The best web design companies will have great reviews and client testimonials. They may have a page dedicated to testimonials, or they may feature their client reviews on their website portfolio pages or throughout their website. Check them carefully & follow up with emails or phone calls to the web design company's clients.

their web design costs - The best web design companies may have a slightly higher price tag, but choosing your web design company based only on the cheapest price, however tempting, would be a mistake unless you simply don't have the budget. The best web design companies have a wealth of talent & experience, and you should expect to pay for that experience. Going for something cheap and cheerful is a mistake if you want your online business to fly.

" Love it - it's perfect! We are really impressed with the website's new look. "

- Blackwells Lawyers, Auckland

How much should web design cost in NZ?

NZ web design costs will vary a lot depending on your website requirements.  It will also depend on whether the web design company has large expensive offices to maintain and whether they are offering custom web design or template websites.  Find out whether they outsource their websites to cheaper overseas designers. 

Who will be responsible for the design of your website and ongoing support? - You don't want to be passed off to an unknown quantity, as is sometimes the case with large web design companies.  Check out our web design cost guide on how much you should expect to pay for a website in New Zealand.

want a custom web design?

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